Can you be an Enlightened Physician in modern medicine?

The business of caring for people is hard.

As Physicians in America, the adversity of practicing in this system can bring a person to their breaking point.

Often it’s a life of fighting, defending yourself, sacrificing yourself, working weekends, missing holidays, and sometimes things like losing a patient makes you want to throw up your hands and quit.

But you can’t.

We do it because we love it.

“What drove me to be a doctor is being killed off by regulations and restrictions, I cannot care for patients that way I had wanted to, there is no fulfillment in being a physician anymore.” – Frustrated Doctor

The Path To Being An Empowered & Enlightened Doctor

Every journey starts with the first step.

Our natural instincts as humans are to believe that forces outside of ourselves are solely responsible for the successes and failures of our lives.

Problems have direct solutions, if there is no direct solution then you have something bigger to handle.

The 5 Core Principals of an Enlightened Physician / Healer

  1. Great patient care is only possible with great self-care
  2. Do not let bias control your decision-making
  3. The Art of Medicine and the Business of Medicine are two sides of the same coin
  4. Clarify your mission and accept that it may not be right for all patients
  5. True healing is a result of a reciprocal relationship with patients

We resist responsibility for things that go wrong.

This has been true as far back as ancient Greeks that observed weather patterns as punishment or reward for pleasing or displeasing the gods.

Then, as time went on, and people began to observe the environment surrounding them, we started connecting the dots of our physical world.

Through that connection, the age of civilization progressed, and we began to see that these successes and failures were built on an intricate network of causes and effects.

An interconnectedness between the world around us and our ability to respond to the changing conditions of that world.

The very definition of enlightenment for humans as a species has been defined by this ability to observe the changes around us and respond in a rational and purposeful way.

All of this around you has been born from our unique skill for those patterns of recognition.

When we resist the truth of what is happening, we only create havoc and mayhem in our lives, we create unnecessary stress.

There will be days when will be easier for you to be upset and complaining.

You will find yourself feeling resigned, cynical, and uncaring AND thats okay and perfect.

It’s not the actual situation that upsets you, it’s your view and interpretation of it that is upsetting.

If you can learn to see this and become aware of it each time it comes up, you can keep yourself in the game as an enlightened, empowered, and happy physician leader.

“A truly enlightened physician, dedicated to and worthy of the lofty mission which he pursues in this world, such a man will not blindly follow the fashion of the hour or espouse those political passions which so divide our society.”

‘The Enlightened Physician” – Flaubert 

Go from Victim to Victor. 

It starts with recognizing the toxic mindsets that keep you stuck in a frustrating system that is incompatible with your goals and delivers actionable ways to improve your existing practice and transform your career.

Stop waiting for healthcare to change. Be the change from within.

POYT (Practice on Your Own Terms) is about helping private practice physicians to overcome the challenges of practicing modern medicine.

We carry around invisible scripts with us just under the surface all day, every day. Without realizing it, these scripts keep us identifying with the very obstacles that we are trying to overcome.

When we learn how to breakthrough the negative mindsets then we can apply clear awareness and smart medical practice management strategy to create an ideal practice structure that benefits both patients and doctors.

Go from Victim to Victor and Entitled to Empowered.

(P.S. Entitlement is the Joy Killer)

Can you imagine your perfect career in medicine? 

  • Re-Kindle the joy of being a physician
  • Steal back the wasted hours in your day
  • Build the perfect partnerships with the right patients
  • Design the perfect practice structure for YOU

Experience your perfect practice model:

  • Spend less time charting and more time with patients
  • Get paid what you are worth for all the work you do
  • Start every day with renewed energy and joy
  • Only spend your time on high-value tasks like patient care

Start Where You Are.

Everything starts with a look at where you are. That’s why I created a unique and effective assessment system that helps you see where the silent killers are lurking for you and your practice.

Once you can see what you have been missing then you gain the power to get things back under control.

After over 10 years of working with Physicians & Residents, more than 50,000 patient experiences, and owning a fast growth primary care practice, I have designed a comprehensive framework that helps you thrive in private practice without the fear of third party influences like insurance companies or government intervention.

Are you letting outside influences discourage
you from thriving in private practice?

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