The 3 Secrets to Medical Practice Financial Mastery


Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever. It’s amazing how effortlessly we become enslaved to a certain pattern of thinking. Especially around money and finances. Like an ominous wave of fear and anticipation. A pattern of the same push-pull of denial and obsession just as we wake up. Like that compulsion…

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7 Persuasion Techniques to Help Your Patients Help Themselves

7 Persuasion Techniques to Help Your Patients Help Themselves

Oh yes, we all wish we had the power to control other people’s minds and bend them to our will. Especially when it is for their own good (and of course, we know better). Wouldn’t that make our lives and work so much easier? But until we master the art of mind control we can…

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The 5 most crucial mistakes to learn from as a new doctor.


“ You make mistakes but mistakes don’t make you” Maxwell Maltz M.D., F.I.C.S. We all make mistakes, little ones and big ones. The most important thing to remember is that we all learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are what give us the experiential knowledge to gain confidence and excel in our profession. The main catch…

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The Butterfly Effect: How to master the chaos of your revenue cycle


It finally felt like the light at the end of the tunnel. After years of preparation and months of moonlighting the practice was finally standing on its own. In the black and seeing a full patient load, the revenue was covering all the business and personal bills, and getting paid a wage that actually justified…

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8 Bulletproof Strategies to Get More Money Into Your Practice Faster

8 Bulletproof strategies

Obamacare and Health Insurance Exchanges are driving more patients to you, but patient financial responsibility is sky-rocketing due to super high deductible insurance plans. Instead of fighting with claim denials and patient collections, learn how to maximize the amount you collect at the time of service and fill the leaky holes in your revenue cycle. Strategy 1:…

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Praise and Blame: How to crush your fear of patient reviews.


Learn how to overcome the emotional roller coaster of online doctor reputation sites, how patients really choose a doctor, and how to show up for your patients before popular ratings sites. Are you afraid of what is being said about you by your patients?

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Victim to Victor: How to Slay the 4 Toxic Mindsets of Practicing Medicine


A colleague and good friend of mine, after practicing in primary care for over 20 years, closed down his practice and retired. The notification letter he sent out to his patients shared his appreciation for the opportunity to serve them. This is of no surprise as he was truly loved by his patients.

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3 Minute Guide to Building Trust with Patients


As a physician, the relationship you build with your patients is one that has much farther reach than a one off experience. And the ripple effect of how you handle that relationship can shape your entire practice and career.

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In the Art of Medicine, are you Picasso or Warhol?


I can still remember the creak of the distressed dark wood floors in the old victorian building that housed the Vassar Institute for Science and Art in New York. As an artist in residence there, I remember first learning the story of how the Vassar Brothers championed the cross-pollination of art, literature, science, and medicine.…

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Payer Performance: How to not be bullied by insurance payers.


How do you manage the conditions in which bullying, an extreme form of coercion, occurs so that it is no longer an acceptable act in your practice? Common advice tells us that we should not allow the victims to blame themselves for being bullied, however in this case should we make an exception? In what way…

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